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Who is Brave? 

We are a group of strategists, creatives, verbalists, & visualists from top branding and advertising agencies who discovered our true passion is focusing on new brands, new territories and new ideas. We've launched new brands from all categories ranging from banking to beverages, predictive modeling to powder mountains.

We’re just like you— Striving to help bold brands and their goosebump-inducing ideas come to life.

Our Clients

We've worked with both CPG and B2B brands.


Brave Leadership


Leading Brave is Tracy Kollker Coleman. 

Behind the bright smile and infectious energy is a dangerously savvy marketer and business leader. For starters, Tracy has launched more brands than should be legal. Working on big, international clients like MillerCoors, Nissan and Pepsi (to name a few). She's helped introduce the world to Redd's Apple Ale (Nielsen's Innovative Brand of the Year), Nissan X-Terra, Naked Cold Press Juices and more. She also wears inspiration on her sleeve and offers it to anyone in need. Her leadership experience in marketing and consulting steps from fashion to auto to artificial intelligence and includes organizational, brand and innovation expertise. In short, she’s a force to be reckoned with that you’ll actually want to hang out with.

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