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Batch 19


Batch 19 has an awesome real story to tell. The pre-Prohibition style lager is based on a historic recipe unearthed in the basement of the Coors Golden brewery. The recipe for the beer was discovered in an old log book at the Golden brewery in 2004, after a small flood in the basement. The book -- and the recipe -- pre-dated Prohibition, which banned booze in the United States in 1919.

We got deep into the history of the beer, the era and the people of it's time. After uncovering a hop-ful of key insights through qual research, we were able to launch a test-and-learn in 5 markets and eventually successfully go to market nationwide. Our role continued in the creation of the marketing action plan which included: influencer and bartender training tools, concepting and creation of all the unique Batch 19 and pre-prohibition era storytelling POS, launching the interesting Batch 19  growler as the service vehicle, and measuring the success in each market. The unique and interesting retail activation excited both bars and consumers alike allowing inspiration for the Batch 19 story to be told and re-told.

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