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Brave brands aren't afraid to reimagine the next 100 years ahead. Public Service Credit Union began as a financial institution for Public Service Company of Colorado employees. Yet, after eighty years of business, they had experienced incredible growth transforming into a credit union for all Coloradans. This evolution in membership had left their name irrelevant. There was a cultural shift from a formal and traditional environment to a feeling of belonging, approachability and family that also came with the new CEO. The company was hungry for a brand that would accurately recognize and convey the rich and loveable culture that was brewing internally.


Canvas encompassed everything the credit union was and wanted to be. In keeping with Canvas’s delightfully offbeat personality, a new name and logo, it was important to take the brand further and translate it into real world experiences--which the people of Canvas would appreciate, understand and feel. 


Brave partnered with their lead team @Monigle Associates to extend the new Canvas brand to all of their communication, tools and advertising. The award winning concept was also an internal rally cry.... "No one ever said I wish I had done more banking....Go Live. We've got you covered." We created TV, OOH, Bus Wraps and more that drove home the new brand, empowered members to go live their dreams while Canvas took care of the rest.

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