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Informative Research


The financial industry is transforming through technology, intelligence and analytics and consumer need states. Companies are launching more innovative products including big data, predictive modeling and AI but not a lot of companies are delivering on what they promise. The competitive set is being blown open with financial firms, credit companies, technology groups and more competing and overlapping. How does a 100 year-old reputable but conservatively-branded business in the credit category transform into a top 10 Innovation company boasting a real point f difference? 

For Data Solutions, we began by identifying their purpose dating back 80-years ago to now, defining their ethos, building a brand architecture then leading the team into visual guidelines and tools. The most surreal learning was experiencing the genuine care and consideration of their seasoned executive leadership in helping consumers make the most of their financial options to have a better quality of life. This profit-with-purpose attitude also lead us to a rally cry that will carry on into their entire company culture for years to come.

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