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When it comes to launching a company committed to kicking cancer's ass, everything you do is triage. It's actually hard to put into words, the passion and pride we feel to be partners with Eon.

In 2014, Dr. Aki diagnosed a patient with stage IV lung cancer who was his same age. At the time there were no care coordination systems in place. It broke Dr. Aki’s heart to think of how many patients could be diagnosed earlier if only there were a smarter, more efficient way to collect, curate, and distribute relevant data to caregivers and patients. Determined to create sea change in complex patient management, Dr. Aki and his team got to work. The result was Eon which has since become the market leader in improving patient care and evaluation.

It was urgent that Eon focused on what they do best which is complex patient management. They invited Brave as a partner to make certain their purpose #defyingdisease is known, their message is clear, powerful and visually identified. We've developed each breath of branding and activation and support them in their Purpose to conquer disease.

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