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Keystone Resort


There is a reason the Travel Channel ranked Keystone top experiential mountain resort in 2018! Keystone is one of the fastest growing resorts in North America largely because they know who they are and have company commitment to always live and breathe the fresh Keystone brand. We love Keystone for so many reasons -- being able to conduct consumer research at 12,000 ft elevation and handing out jolly ranchers on chairlifts are just 2 of the reasons.

We partnered and effectively lead Keystone's organizational planning including the development of the 5-year vision, brand evolution and employee culture and programing. Each consumer touchpoint and marketing tool will genuinely ladder up to Keystone's "Mountain of Youth" essence. The work has been featured and recognized as best in class through several resort media companies and partners including their parent company, Vail Resorts. 

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