When the possibilities are endless and indecision is the enemy, we must be brave. Brave Brands have purpose, deploy strategy, and take action.


Our Brave purpose is to positively impact the trajectory of lives, companies and futures. By bravely activating "goodness" through individual people and companies, we change the world to a better place.

This is why we give 10¢ of every $1.00 we earn to causes that support change. For more on this and to see what we are focused on in 2019-2020, take a look at the Brave Blog.

Launching a new brand or growing and existing brand requires deep passion, discipline and action. We define your purpose, develop your product of difference and create strategic process to bring your brand to life. We then guide you through a 4-week immersive process where we solidify the brand strategy, visual ID, tools, and the inspiration you'll need to stand out in the market and bravely stay on the right path. We will even launch your brand developing the marketing action plan and advertising until you are ready to set out on your own.